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Savoy Party Reservations

Party or Event Reservations

Savoy’s reservations are based on a table guarantee. This guarantee assures per seat, that Savoy will maintain an average purchase amount per customer. The table guarantee package consist of a $30.00 per person minimum.

The allotted non-refundable booking fee for all reservations of 15 people or less is $75.00 and $100.00 for a party of 16 or more. All timeslots are reserved for two (2) hours. Any extra time can be reserved for an additional $75.00/ per 2 hours (for a party of 15) or $100.00/per 2 hours (for a party of 16 or more). When booking the table or selected area, a 15-minute grace period is given for the party host to claim the reservation within their scheduled start time. If your reservation is not claim within the 15 minute grace period, then the party host waives their right to any refund and their reservation will no longer be available.

Please fill out the form below with all relevant information and our team will contact you shortly.  If you have questions please call Nyck at 678-756-8271.